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Trip to Gran Sabana 4D/3N, the Lost World!

Gran Sabana is a Venezuelan region that offers one of the most unusual landscapes in the world. Its wide rivers, world’s highest waterfalls, beautiful gorges, deep and vast valleys, impenetrable jungles and endless savannahs host the world’s most unique plant and animal species which have been isolated for millions of years. Enjoy watching the magnificent chain of tepui plateaus in South America. These extraordinary table-top mountains are considered some of the Earth’s oldest geological formations from the Precambrian period. This incredible place is definitely a must-see!

  • -This is one of the most extraordinary natural places on Earth. A place of high ecological value. UNESCO proclaimed this region a World Heritage Site in 1994.
  • -This beautiful place has one of the world’s most ancient and unique granitic tepui plateaus with breath-taking landscapes and a large number of waterfalls where you can also swim.
  • -The outward-and-return journey between Ciudad Bolívar and the campground can take too long.

Detailed Itinerary

Apongwao, Canaima National Park
Day 1: An Amazing Journey to Gran Sabana

We’ll leave Ciudad Bolívar and set off on an amazing journey to Gran Sabana. On our way to this “Lost World”, we’ll stop to watch the white-water rapids in Cachamay Park. Afterwards, we’ll continue our journey through different mining towns and villages, and make another stop to have lunch at noon. Back on the road, we’ll head to La Escalera, which is the name of the entrance road to Gran Sabana. Once we go past it, we’ll already be driving in this vast region. The first things we are going to visit will be Dando Fall and El Soldado Pionero monument. Later, we’ll continue driving farther south until we finally reach Camp Chivaton (12h, 650km).
Meal: (-L-D).
Accommodation: Room with private bathroom. Cold water and electricity until 9 p.m.
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser model 70.
Communication: Partial mobile network.
Canaima National Park, Gran Sabana, Venezuela
Day 2: Visit Aponwao and Chinak Meru Falls

In the morning, we’ll visit Aponwao and Chinak Meru Falls. The latter is considered one of the highest waterfalls in Gran Sabana (110 m high). To get there, we’ll have to hike across the savannah, walk through a dense tropical jungle, and sail along a wide river (4 h, 300 km). Enjoy the wonderful landscapes this enigmatic place offers you!
Meal: (B-L-D).
Accommodation: Room with bathroom (Kavanayen). Cold water and electricity until 9 p.m.
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser model 70.
Communication: Partial mobile network.
Quebrada de Jaspe (Jasper Creek)
Day 3: Have a Wonderful Experience among Cascades, Waterfalls and Jasper Riverbeds

After breakfast, we will first visit Kawi Merú and Kama Merú falls, and El Mirador Nak´piapo. Then, we’ll continue driving along the southern route towards Santa Elena. We’ll make a stop at Pacheco Falls and enjoy watching the panoramic view of the savannah and the table-top mountains. Back on the road, we’ll drive to Las Cortinas (Curtain Falls); here people enjoy walking behind these beautiful natural water curtains. We’ll also visit Quebrada de Jaspe (Jasper Creek), called this way because of the red jasper rock at the bottom of this river. If you wish, we could drive across the border into Brazil, so you can buy some local arts and crafts (4h, 300km).
Meal: (B-L-D).
Accommodation: Room with private bathroom at Kamoiran. Cold water and electricity.
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser model 70.
Communication: Partial mobile network.
El Paují Waterfall, Venezuela
Day 4: Back in Ciudad Bolivar

Today we will return to Ciudad Bolívar. We’ll make a few stops on the way to watch the spectacular landscapes (12h, 650km).
Meal: (B-L-).
Accommodation: None.
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser model 70.
Communication: Mobile network.
  • Double and triple accommodation: trip 4D/3N
  • 4 people or more : 990 Euros/p
  • 2 people :1790Euros/p
  • high season rates: +15%

The following things are included in the price:
  • - All means of transport: boat trips, 4X4 vehicles and taxis from Ciudad Bolivar and to Ciudad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz.
  • - All of the accommodation facilities.
  • - Meals when specified (B-L-D) = (Breakfast-Lunch-Diner).
  • - Guides speak English & Spanish.
  • - All the excursions and safaris mentioned in the programme.
Not included:
  • - International flights.
  • - Airport taxes (about 5euros/pers/flight).
  • - Alcoholic beverages.
  • - Meals when not specified (by yourself) (--) = no meals included.
  • - Private English-speaking guide during the whole tour.
  • - Optional excursions (horse riding).
  • - Personal expenses.
  • - All sorts of insurance.
  • - Everything that is not mentioned above « is included in the price».
Travel organization:
Our programmes are individually organised in terms of dates and content. However, our tours are not fully private, so you could meet other travellers at different stages of your trip.
What to Bring?
Hat; sunscreen; water bottle; hike pants; insect repellent; headlamp; raincoat; passport copy; sleeping bag liner; you don’t need big, heavy or cumbersome shoes, but good trainers (orienteering shoes); plastic bags to keep water away from electronic devices; first-aid-kit; polar fleece jacket; bath towel.
Further Advice:
Don't forget your travel insurance! You can benefit from the travel cancellation insurance offered by your credit-card company when paying for your tourist package at our point of sale. You must get neither a visa nor vaccination to come to Venezuela. However, Franbrasil Tour’s C.A. recommends you should get the yellow fever vaccine and the preventive treatment of malaria. You also need to have a valid passport for at least six months before arriving in Venezuela, and you have to carry it with you when travelling within the country.
Means of transport are mentioned as examples of the models of vehicles used most often.
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